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Printable Word Search Worksheets

Free Word Searches for Kids - Printable Worksheets OnlinePrintable Word Searches

Check out our free word searches for kids and enjoy a range of fun word puzzles.

Improve your vocabulary while finding words related to themes such as travel, seasons, emotions, Christmas and weather as well as important English topics such as adjectives, nouns and verbs. Have fun solving these word searches and enjoy all our printable worksheets online.


English for Kids

Adjective Word SearchAdjective Word Search

Find a range of different adjectives with this fun word search.


Animal Word SearchAnimal Word Search

Search for the names of different animals with this animal word search.


Business Word SearchBusiness Word Search

This word search features business words such as company, office, salary and work.


Christmas Word SearchChristmas Word Search

Celebrate the Christmas season with this word search for kids.


Directions Word SearchDirections Word Search

Learn important words related to directions with this word search.


Easter Word SearchEaster Word Search

Find the hidden Easter words in this printable word search puzzle.


Emotions Word SearchEmotions Word Search

Search for words related to emotions such as happy, sad, surprised and confused.


Fall (Autumn) Word SearchFall (Autumn) Word Search

Spot as many fall related words as you can with this cool worksheet.


Food Word SearchFood Word Search

Locate the various foods found in this word search puzzle.


Halloween Word SearchHalloween Word Search

Enjoy Halloween with this word search, can you find all the spooky words?


Human Body Word SearchHuman Body Word Search

Take the challenge of our human body word search puzzle.


Music Word SearchMusic Word Search

Find a range of words related to music with this word search.


New Years Word SearchNew Years Word Search

Celebrate the New Year by finding all the words in this word search.


Noun Word SearchNoun Word Search

How many nouns can you find? Give this word search a try and find out!


Numbers Word SearchNumbers Word Search

Search hard to locate the written numbers found in this word search.


Shopping Word SearchShopping Word Search

Learn about English words related to shopping with this word search.


Sport Word SearchSport Word Search

How quickly can you find the twenty sports words found in this word search?


Spring Word SearchSpring Word Search

Find words related to the spring season with our fun word search.


Summer Word SearchSummer Word Search

Enjoy the summer season while finding words such as beach, vacation and camping.


Technology Word SearchTechnology Word Search

Learn about technology related words while completing this word search.


Time Word SearchTime Word Search

How many words related to time can you find in this word search puzzle?


Travel Word SearchTravel Word Search

Increase your travel vocabulary by trying our travel word search.


Valentine's Day Word SearchValentine's Day Word Search

Celebrate Valentine's Day with our word search featuring words such as flowers and heart.


Verb Word SearchVerb Word Search

Find a range of different verbs with this fun word search for kids.


Weather Word SearchWeather Word Search

Improve your knowledge of weather vocabulary with this word search worksheet.


Winter Word SearchWinter Word Search

Stay warm and enjoy our winter word search puzzle for kids.

English for Kids

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