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Funny English Words - Weird, Strange & UnusualFunny English Words

Enjoy our list of our funny English words. The English language is full of weird, strange and unusual words that are either rarely used or have gone completely out of fashion.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 doozies we think are worthy of special attention. So don’t lollygag about, read on lickety-split and see how many of them you know.


  • Anencephalous - Absence of a brain.
  • Borborygmus - Stomach rumbling.
  • Brouhaha - An uproar or noisy response.

  • Canoodle - Hugging and kissing.

  • Cantankerous - Bad tempered or grumpy.

  • Crudivore - Someone who eats raw food.

  • Discombobulate - To confuse someone.

  • Doozy - Something really good.

  • Fartlek - A training system for runners.

  • Flummox - To perplex or bewilder.

  • Gobbledygook - Meaningless or nonsensical language.

  • Kerfuffle - A mild scandal, commotion or fuss.

  • Klutz - A clumsy or foolish person.

  • Lickety-split - As quickly as possible.

  • Lollygag - To dawdle or spend time aimlessly.

  • Mollycoddle - To treat someone leniently.

  • Pratfall - A fall on the buttocks or an embarrassing action.

  • Rambunctious - Uncontrollably excitable or exuberant.

  • Shenanigan - Silly behaviour.

  • Skullduggery - Deception or trickery.


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