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Free English Worksheets for Kids

Printable ESL Resources OnlineEnglish Worksheets for Kids

Make your lesson planning easier with our range of free English worksheets for kids.

Find printable ESL resources online which include word searches, word scrambles, coloring pages, classroom bingo, caption writing, scattergories and much more. Help students improve their English in a number of fun and engaging ways with our printable worksheets for kids.

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English for Kids

Free Word Searches for KidsWord Searches

Enjoy a range of fun word searches covering everything from animals to holidays.


Printable Word Scrambles for KidsWord Scrambles

Unscramble jumbled letters to form words with our word scrambles for kids.


Printable Coloring Pages for KidsColoring Pages

Have fun coloring in a range of cool pictures with our free coloring pages.


Food Bingo for KidsFood Bingo

Learn about different foods while enjoying a fun game of food bingo.


Funny Captions WorksheetFunny Captions

Come up with funny captions for some famous scenes with this printable worksheet.


Find Someone Who WorksheetFind Someone Who

Find classmates that fit the descriptions in the fun ESL worksheet.


Scattergories with Categories Printable WorksheetScattergories with Categories

Fill in as many categories as you can with this scattergories worksheet.


Alphabet Scattergories Printable English WorksheetAlphabet Scattergories

This printable worksheet features a variation of the classic game of scattergories.


Match OppositesMatch Opposite Words

Match words with opposite meanings (antonyms) with this printable worksheet.


Match Similar WordsMatch Similar Words

Match words with similar meanings (synonyms) with this free English worksheet.


Odd One Out Printable English WorksheetOdd One Out

Can you decide which is the odd one out? Give this worksheet a go and find out!


Travel & Vacations WorksheetTravel & Vacations

Complete this worksheet related to travel and dream vacations.


Question Time WorksheetQuestion Time

Ask the other students in your class some fun questions with this ESL worksheet.


Job Interview WorksheetJob Interview

Get some job interview practice by completing this fun worksheet.


Movie Reviews WorksheetMovie Reviews

Share your thoughts with this printable movie reviews worksheet.


Song Lyrics WorksheetSong Lyrics

Listen carefully to the lyrics of a song and fill in the missing words.


Animals of the Alphabet WorksheetAnimals of the Alphabet

Do you know an animal for each letter of the English alphabet? Give this worksheet a try and find out!


Foods of the Alphabet WorksheetFoods of the Alphabet

Find a type of food for as many letters of the English alphabet as you can.


Cities of the Alphabet WorksheetCities of the Alphabet

Can you think of a city for each letter of the alphabet? Find out with this printable ESL worksheet.


Countries of the Alphabet WorksheetCountries of the Alphabet

There are a lot of countries in the world but how many do you know?

English for Kids

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