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English Language Topics

Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansEnglish Language Topics

Focus on specific English language topics and enjoy some great ideas for ESL lesson plans. Find a wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, instructional videos, quizzes, word searches and other resources that are targeted to the topic of your choice. Help teach your students about reading, writing, grammar and spelling or focus on vocabulary and ESL topics such as food, travel, holidays and animals. Check out all our free online resources and have fun learning English!

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English for Kids

Words & Vocabulary Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Words & Vocabulary

Improve you vocabulary with our range of interactive games, activities, worksheets and instructional videos.


Grammar Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Grammar

Find a range of resources related to sentence structure, punctuation, word types and other grammar topics.


Reading Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansReading

Learn about poetry, dictionaries, non fiction books and other reading topics.


Writing Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Writing

Check out our writing section and find some great activities to help you improve your writing ability.


Spelling Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Spelling

Enjoy a wide range of spelling games, activities and printable worksheets.


Alphabet Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansAlphabet

Have fun practising your ABC's with our fun classroom activities and worksheets.


Verbs - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Verbs

Find some great ideas for ESL lesson plans that focus on verbs.


Adjectives - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Adjectives

Check out our online resources related to adjectives, including fun activities, word searches and quizzes.


Nouns - Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansNouns

Help teach students about nouns with the help of our free activities and worksheets.


Kindergarten English Activities & WorksheetsHumor

Enjoy tongue twisters, funny jokes, hilarious videos, fun activities and other resources related to humor.


Travel & Vacations - Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansTravel & Vacations

Check out our ESL resources and ideas that focus on travel and vacations.


Holidays - Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansHolidays

Find coloring pages, worksheets and other fun stuff celebrating holidays such as Christmas and Easter.


Animals - Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansAnimals

Focus on animals with our free activities, coloring pages and videos.


Food Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansFood

Have fun playing food bingo, solving food based word puzzles, completing word searches and more.


Numbers - Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansNumbers

Use our free ESL lesson plan ideas to help students become comfortable using numbers in English.


Money Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansMoney

Become a millionaire and practice using dollars and cents with our money themed teaching resources.


Seasons - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans Seasons

Find a range of handy worksheets related to summer, winter, spring and fall.


Weather Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansWeather

Enjoy our online resources that focus on the topic of weather.


Human Body Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansHuman Body

Help students remember the names for parts of the human body with our range of worksheets and activities.


Funny Humor Ideas for ESL Lesson PlansKindergarten

Check out our activities, worksheets and videos aimed at kindergarten aged kids.

English for Kids

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