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Odd One Out - Fun English Quiz for Kids - Printable Questions & AnswersOdd One Out Quiz

Enjoy our fun odd one out quiz for kids. Read the words and circle or underline the one you think is different. Explain the reason for your answer remembering that it’s possible to have more than one correct answer if you can justify your answer with a valid reason.

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printablePrintable Odd One Out Quiz - Click this link for a printable version of the quiz questions (opens in a new window). For the best printing results try adjusting the page setup in the print preview menu before printing.


Odd One Out Quiz

Please circle (or underline) the word you think is different.

Write down your reason for choosing that word.

For example:

e.g.                   Mother               Brother            Friend            Daughter

Reason:          A friend is not family

1.                     Boy                 Female             Woman            Girl


2.                     Shoe                Sandal              Glove             Boot


3.                     Lake                Forest              Ocean              River


4.                     Seat                 Wheel              Door              Oven


5.                     Chair               Seat                 Table               Sofa


6.                     Happy             Grumpy            Joy              Excited


7.                     Rice                 Pork                 Chicken           Beef


8.                     Eye                  Radar              Level              Star



Odd One Out Quiz Answers (not on printable version)

The following are example answers as it’s possible to have more than one correct answer if it is justified with a valid reason.

1. Boy - Different gender

2. Glove - Worn on hand

3. Forest - Not water

4. Oven - Not a car part

5. Table - Not for sitting on

6. Grumpy - A negative emotion

7. Rice - Not a meat

8. Star - Not the same when spelt backwards (palindrome)


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