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Verbs - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans - Free English Resources OnlineVerbs

Check out our free English resources related to verbs, featuring a range of online ideas for ESL lesson plans. Help students improve their understanding of verbs with guess the action activities, word type games, irregular verb videos, verb quizzes, word searches and more. Find English resources related to the topic of your choice here at Fun English Games. Whether you’re teaching or learning English, enjoy our wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, coloring pages, word scrambles, quizzes, videos, fun stuff for kids and more!

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English for Kids

Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives - GameVerbs, Nouns & Adjectives - Game

Enjoy this great English game for kids and learn about a range of different word types including verbs.


Guess the Action - ActivityGuess the Action - Activity

Use a range of gestures and actions to help your team guess what your secret verb is.


Classroom Pictionary - ActivityClassroom Pictionary - Activity

Draw a range of words including some tricky verbs with this fun classroom activity.


Forming Sentences with Words - ActivityForming Sentences with Words - Activity

Cooperate with other students in your class to form sentences using a range of different words.


Verb Word Search - WorksheetVerb Word Search - Worksheet

How many verbs can you find hidden in our verb word search? Give it a go and find out!


Verb Word Scramble - WorksheetVerb Word Scramble - Worksheet

Unscramble a range of different verbs with this printable word jumble worksheet.


Verb QuizVerbs - Quiz

Take the challenge of our verb quiz and see how many questions you can answer.


Irregular Verbs - VideoIrregular Verbs - Video

Understand how English verbs change between the simple form, the past tense and past participles.


Simple Present Tense - VideoSimple Present Tense - Video

Watch as an English instructor explains the simple present tense using the verb 'learn'.


Using the Words Wish & Hope - VideoUsing the Words Wish & Hope - Video

Learn how to use the verbs wish and hope in a sentence with this free instructional video.

English for Kids

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