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English Language Topics - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans

Funny Humor Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans - Free English Resources OnlineHumor

Check out our free English resources related to funny humor, featuring a range of online ideas for ESL lesson plans. Help students enjoy the lighter side of the English language with a crazy cat-dog counting activity, funny captions worksheet, sarcasm video, tongue twisters, funny riddles, classic puns, jokes and more. Find English resources related to the topic of your choice here at Fun English Games. Whether you’re teaching or learning English, enjoy our wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, word searches, quizzes, videos, fun stuff for kids and more!

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English for Kids

Cat Dog Counting - ActivityCat Dog Counting - Activity

Have fun with numbers while enjoying this classroom activity with a funny twist.


Funny Captions - WorksheetFunny Captions - Worksheet

Think of some funny captions for a range of famous scenes with this printable worksheet.


English Pronunciation - VideoEnglish Pronunciation - Video

Enjoy one man's funny attempt to pronounce English with a flawless American accent.


Can You Speak English? - VideoCan You Speak English? - Video

What happens when a tourist uses English to find help? Not what you might expect.


Sarcasm Taking Over - VideoSarcasm Taking Over - Video

Follow the rise of sarcasm in everyday English with this funny video.


An English Lesson in Japan - VideoAn English Lesson in Japan - Video

Enjoy Japanese comedian Ken Shimura taking an English lesson in Japan.


Tongue Twisters - Fun StuffTongue Twisters - Fun Stuff

Enjoy our range of funny tongue twisters that kids will love.


Funny Riddles - Fun StuffFunny Riddles - Fun Stuff

Can you solve our funny riddles? Give them a go and find out!


Funny English Words - Fun StuffFunny English Words - Fun Stuff

Find out what words like cantankerous and borborygmus mean with our list of funny English words.


English Language Jokes - Fun StuffEnglish Language Jokes - Fun Stuff

Check out some classic jokes related to the quirky side of the English language.


Animal Jokes - Fun StuffAnimal Jokes - Fun Stuff

What goes up slowly and comes down quickly? Find out with our funny animal jokes.


Halloween Jokes - Fun StuffHalloween Jokes - Fun Stuff

Enjoy our range of funny Halloween jokes that children are sure to enjoy.


Funny Puns - Fun StuffFunny Puns - Fun Stuff

Learn about puns while enjoying some great uses of word play.


Funny Anagrams - Fun StuffFunny Anagrams - Fun Stuff

Find out how some words can have their letters rearranged in funny ways.

English for Kids

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